MCC Cabinets

MCC Cabinets

According to the Customer’s requirements, Globaltechexport Ltd. designs and manufactures the following types of electrical switchgear equipment under facility automation projects, or as part of new equipment delivery scopes:

  • Low-voltage AC
  • Distribution MCC (main distribution boards, lead-in distributors, switchboards).

Low-voltage MCC’s manufactured by Globaltechexport Ltd. are designed for reception and distribution of three phase AC power (50 Hz, 0.4 kV) in mains with dead-end grounded or insulated neutral, control of electrical equipment and its short-circuit and overload protection.

Low-voltage MCC’s are used in power supply, control and automation systems as switchboards, power distribution units, control and automation boards/ cabinets, and as switchgears from the low voltage side of packaged transformer sub-stations.

Low-voltage MCC include control, measuring, alarm, protection and adjustment devices and have an ingress protection rating of IP41 and IP54.

The delivered low-voltage MCC’s (0.4 kV) perform the following functions:

  • Reception of electric power from station systems and its distribution between consumers of power units with voltage supply to consumers and its removal in response to commands from the automated control system, or from buttons located on front panels of low-voltage MCC;
  • Short-circuit and overload protection of electric motors and power circuits;
  • Generation of power consumers’ status signals (ON-OFF), or position signals of dampers and shutters (open-closed) and their delivery to the automated control system;
  • Generation and delivery of the signal indicating readiness of the low voltage MCC’s for operation in the automated control mode from the automated control system.

MCC Cabinets