Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Interenergo LLC

Globaltechexport Ltd. successfully completed engineering (including the issuing of design documentation), supply and solved the tasks of integration of equipment from multiple vendors at the site of a new GRES power unit. All delivery obligations taken by Globaltechexport Ltd. were performed in full and within the period stated in the contract. The equipment quality meets the generally accepted standards applicable to power generating facilities. Equipment manufactured by Globaltechexport Ltd. and delivered to the site as pre-fabricated modules was installed at the facility under the supervision of Globaltechexport Ltd. engineers.

Scope of Supply:

  • Gas cleaning and metering unit (capacity - up to 375,000 nm3/hr, rated pressure - 63 barg, operating pressure - 24 to 46 barg) - 1 ea.
  • Shut-off valve block (capacity - up to 100,000 nm3/hr, rated pressure (inlet/discharge) - 63 barg/40 barg, gas operating temperature + 70°С) – 1 ea.
  • Gas switching unit - 1 ea.
  • Pump station of GBS closed loop cooling system – 1 ea.
  • Suction and discharge lines for Atlas Copco compressors
  • Siemens PLC-based control system (GBS automation system, gas cleaning and metering unit, shut-off valve block) - 3 ea.
  • Instrument air and nitrogen unit - 1 ea.
  • Air cooler with piping and pump station - 3 ea.
  • Gas booster station canopy (equipped with fire detection and fire fighting systems) - 3 ea.

Zarubezhenergoproekt JSC

Globaltechexport Ltd. performed the full scope of front-end engineering and design of the following capital facilities for the project of construction of a new CCGT-420 MW power unit for the Verkhnetagilskaya GRES:

1) Gas booster station (GBS) based on Atlas Copco multi-shaft centrifugal compressor - 3 ea.


  • Instrument air and nitrogen unit - 1 ea.
  • Air cooler with piping and pump station - 3 ea.
  • Siemens PLC-based control system (GBS automation system, gas cleaning and metering unit, shut-off valve block) - 3 ea.
  • Gas booster station canopy (including fire detection and fire fighting systems) - 3 ea.

2) Gas cleaning and metering unit - 1 ea.

3) Shut-off valve block - 1 ea. Zarubezhenergoproekt JSC as the General Designer of Verkhnetagilskaya GRES CCGT-420 MW unit accepted the design documentation and data sheets for the supplied equipment without any comments. Globaltechexport Ltd. provided the full scope of services on a high professional level and within the period set in the contract. The design team of Globaltechexport Ltd. demonstrated its flexibility in meeting the customer's requirements, and ability to quickly and efficiently develop and implement technical solutions.


Globaltechexport Ltd. engineered and manufactured equipment for Yakutsk GRES-2 within the shortest period. It was delivered as pre-fabricated ready to install transportable units, which reduced the on-site assembly time. The operating personnel of GRES-2 have no quality claims in respect of the supplied equipment Scope of Supply:

  • Gas treatment unit (GTU) complete with spare parts, pipeline supports, service platforms, cabling;
  • Siemens PLC-based control system for two compressor units including GBS-GTU automation system expansion cabinet, operator station (GBS, GTU, gas distribution plant);
  • Sound canopy for gas booster stations equipped with utility systems - 2 ea.;
  • Piping (gas, nitrogen, coolant, air), pipeline supports and posts inside GBS canopies;
  • Container type instrument air and nitrogen unit (with all the required utility systems and piping);
  • GBS 0.4 kV MCC (0.4 kV MCC Cabinet);
  • Power and control cable trays inside GBS canopies;
  • Closed loop cooling system pump station of the gas booster station.

Teploelectroproject Design Institute
Teploelectroproject Design Institute has assessed the joint gas booster station and gas treatment unit design efforts as successful. Globaltechexport Ltd. engineers swung into action, which contributed to completion of the whole scope of engineering services in the shortest time possible (4 months). Such services included design documentation analysis and verification of equipment manufacturer's documentation for compliance with the design documentation of the General Designer. The project team of Globaltechexport Ltd. performed such tasks as selection and 3D modelling of auxiliary equipment and utility systems (including automatic control system) for the gas booster station and gas treatment unit in a good and workmanlike manner. The management of Teploelectroproject Design Institute expressed hope for further cooperation.

Interenergo LLC.
During the supply of an instrument air and nitrogen unit, Globaltechexport Ltd. proved to be a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality equipment capable of meeting the contract terms regarding equipment specifications and delivery. Globaltechexport Ltd. is a reliable partner, performing all undertaken obligations. Interenergo Ltd. recommends Globaltechexport Ltd. as a reliable and responsible partner.

Energoremont OJSC
Energoremont OJSC would like to thank Globaltechexport Ltd. for excellent performance of works under the contract for supply of duplex coalescing filter units for fuel gas treatment of the central water and steam boiler construction project at the site of Vladivostok combined heat and power plant. Globaltechexport Ltd. promptly performed the full scope of engineering, manufacturing and supply works. Supervision, commissioning and start-up were completed according to the schedule and without delays. Energoremont OJSC recommends Globaltechexport Ltd. as a reliable and responsible contractor.

SEZ Progress Ltd.

Globaltechexport Ltd. engineered and supplied complex fuel gas treatment equipment for Yakutsk GRES-2 station on a tight project schedule (4 months):

  • Gas distributing plant comprising gas cleaning, heating, metering and pressure reduction units with a capacity of 36,000 Nm3/hr
  • Duplex filter units installed immediately upstream of the gas turbine, with a capacity of 14,000 Nm3/hr each.

Special mention is also due to highly skilled installation, set-up and commissioning supervision performed by Globaltechexport Ltd. The services were performed in accordance with high-quality standards and without delays. SEZ Progress Ltd. considers Globaltechexport Ltd. to be a reliable and competent partner for engineering and supply of equipment for the fuel and energy industry.