Exhaust gas metering system:
22 December 2016 17:45
Installation of GBS for a new power unit No. 12 of VTGRES

Globaltechexport Ltd. got positive feedback from Interenergo LLC upon installation of the gas booster station of a new CCGTU-420 MW power unit of Verkhnetagilskaya GRES. The companies’ collaboration at that phase included equipment engineering and supply.

06 December 2016 17:18
Positive feedback from Zarubezhenergoproekt

Zarubezhenergoproekt JSC highly appreciated the quality of the gas booster station design documentation prepared by Globaltechexport Ltd. for a new power unit of Verkhnetagilskaya GRES.

Exhaust gas metering system

Exhaust gas metering system:

Globaltechexport Ltd. offers exhaust gas metering systems for the oil, gas and power generation industries. Our automated gas analysers enable the solution of both environmental monitoring and process variable control tasks.

Advantages of exhaust gas metering systems:

  • The system measures a whole range of gaseous exhaust gas components (such range can be extended at the Customer's request).
  • The system enables continuous measurements of controlled gaseous component volumes based on their current concentrations and equipment operating parameters. Calculations are made in compliance with the provisions of the Russian law and Gazprom standards.
  • Analyser functions include measurement data visualization, data archiving, database operation and report generation.
  • Exhaust gas metering systems can be easily integrated in the facility automated control system as they use standard interfaces and communication protocols for data transmission and acquisition. Measurements are archived in the database of the facility automated control system.
  • The system features long service intervals, automatic calibration and an automatic control cycle for zero and reference points.

Exhaust gas metering system configuration depends on the list of monitored variables and components. Due to its modular concept, the gas analyser can be customized depending on the range of Customer's tasks. Standard configuration includes sampling probes, a heated sample transfer line, 1- or 2-stage gas cooler, analysed gas pump, filter and valve block. The system can be equipped with additional gas analysers and flow meters at the request of the Customer.


Measured variables Volumetric flow rate, gas velocity, sound speed, gas temperature
Identified gaseous components CH4, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, N2O, O2, SO2 etc.
Operating environment temperature: –40 °C ... +55 °C
(up to + 900°C depending on the design)
Ambient humidity ≤ 96 %
Relative humidity, without condensation on optical surfaces
Compliance Compliance with European and Russian standards, certificates of conformity
Electrical safety CE
IP rating IP 65
Control Menu driven from a separate control unit
Control functions Automatic control cycle for zero and reference points. Advanced software based diagnostics.
Interfaces RS-485 (option)
Data Analogue, or digital output of measurement data

We offer world-class equipment ensuring reliable measurement of gaseous components in exhaust gases even at very high stack gas velocities. Explosion-proof devices make high resolution multi-point measurements with fast response time. The equipment provides representative data for solution of various tasks including complicated by high dust concentrations, high pressure, critical exhaust gas flow profiles, and high measured gas concentrations.

Exhaust gas metering system provides:

  • Accurate volume and composition of exhaust gases at any time;
  • Easy, cost effective and improved control of the burning process in applications with inconsistent fuel quality and varying carbon content;
  • Power generating equipment diagnostics.

Globaltechexport Ltd. provides a full range of services related to exhaust gas metering systems engineering and implementation.