Integrated Systems:
22 December 2016 17:45
Installation of GBS for a new power unit No. 12 of VTGRES

Globaltechexport Ltd. got positive feedback from Interenergo LLC upon installation of the gas booster station of a new CCGTU-420 MW power unit of Verkhnetagilskaya GRES. The companies’ collaboration at that phase included equipment engineering and supply.

06 December 2016 17:18
Positive feedback from Zarubezhenergoproekt

Zarubezhenergoproekt JSC highly appreciated the quality of the gas booster station design documentation prepared by Globaltechexport Ltd. for a new power unit of Verkhnetagilskaya GRES.

Gas Conditioning, Gas Processing

Gas Conditioning Gas Refining

One of the main business areas of Globaltechexport Ltd. is conditioning and refining of hydrocarbon gases. We can provide our customers with process solutions on gas conditioning at the field for its further transportation and also different methods for utilization of associated petroleum gas (here-after – APG) with the possibility to fabricate commercial products.

APG burning at fields is an urgent contemporary problem of the oil & gas sector leading to huge economic expenses and serious environmental risks. Our company is ready to propose solutions which may assure complete utilization of APG and eliminate its burning in flare systems and, which will also allow the gain of profit from the sale of APG refining products.

Our specialists will choose optimal process solutions meeting individual Customer’s requirements and technical regulations, and in doing so they will make allowance for climatological conditions of the construction site and evaluate transportation and assembly capabilities.

Blocks of units have a pre-fabricated modular design which simplifies assembly and reduces its period.

The figure below shows a scheme of an integrated gas conditioning and refining unit demonstrating capabilities of Globaltechexport Ltd. in this sphere. Our company is ready to deliver both completed units and separate blocks depending on Customer’s demands.

Configuration of an integrated gas conditioning and refining unit depends on composition and technical parameters of feed gas as well as on requirements to manufactured products.

The following products may be manufactured at the integrated gas conditioning and refining unit:

  • Dry stripped gas – this is a methane fraction extracted from associated petroleum gas;
  • Ethane fraction;
  • Broad fraction of light hydrocarbons;
  • Stable gas condensate;
  • Technical propane-butane mixture with possibility to ensure separate production of technical propane and technical butane;
  • Stable natural gasoline;
  • Commercial sulfur.