22 December 2016 17:45
Installation of GBS for a new power unit No. 12 of VTGRES

Globaltechexport Ltd. got positive feedback from Interenergo LLC upon installation of the gas booster station of a new CCGTU-420 MW power unit of Verkhnetagilskaya GRES. The companies’ collaboration at that phase included equipment engineering and supply.

06 December 2016 17:18
Positive feedback from Zarubezhenergoproekt

Zarubezhenergoproekt JSC highly appreciated the quality of the gas booster station design documentation prepared by Globaltechexport Ltd. for a new power unit of Verkhnetagilskaya GRES.

Gas Processing



Fractionation comprises gas separation into separate hydrocarbon fractions.

Pre-purified and dried gas is cooled down to obtain a two-phase flow and then the separated hydrocarbon condensate is gradually fed to fractionating columns producing:

  • Ethane fraction (for ethylene production, which is further converted into ethanol, glycerin, ethylene glycol, dichloroethane, ethyl-chloride, etc.);
  • NGL (feed gas for the petrochemical industry to produce individual hydrocarbons during primary processing and a wide range of products during further processing);
  • Stable gas condensate;
  • Technical propane/butane mixture which can be further separated into technical propane and butane (for industrial applications and heating utilities);
  • Stable natural gasoline is used for pyrolysis at petrochemical facilities and organic synthesis processes. It is also used at central gas fractioning plants and in petroleum compounding.