Globaltechexport Ltd. is performing the design, manufacture, and supply of a Gas Booster Station and Natural Gas Treatment Unit for the Khabarovsk TPP-4


Globaltechexport Ltd. has concluded a contract with HydroOGK Management Company JSC (RusHydro Group) for the design, manufacture, and supply of a Gas Booster Station and Natural Gas Treatment Unit for the Khabarovsk TPP-4.

Khabarovsk TPP-4 is one of four projects implemented by the RusHydro Group as part of the government program for the modernization of the thermal power industry in Russia, which ensures the return on investment in the construction and modernization of power plants. The new station must replace the worn-out Khabarovsk TPP-1, which was put into operation back in 1951.

Khabarovsk TPP-4 will generate heat and power to meet the needs of the housing, municipal services, and facilities of the Khabarovsk industrial area. As a fuel, the new power plant will use natural gas, the most environmentally-friendly type of fossil fuel (currently, part of the boilers of the existing Khabarovsk TPP-1 are coal-fired). Accordingly, the Gas Booster Station and Natural Gas Treatment Unit, designed and supplied by Globaltechexport Ltd., will become an integral part of the new modern station and the most important government program for the transition to environmentally-friendly fuel. This will have a positive impact on the environmental situation – ash emissions into the atmosphere will be excluded, as the need for its storage at the ash dump, emissions of sulfur and nitrogen oxides will be reduced several times, as the station's water consumption.

As part of the Khabarovsk TPP-4, it is planned to build two CCGT power plants based on gas turbine units with a unit-installed electric power capacity of 155 MW (ISO conditions), waste-heat boilers, and steam-heating turbines with a capacity of 45 MW.

For the supply of the gas with the required parameters to two gas turbine units, hot water and steam boilers, the project provides for the supply of equipment with maximum operational readiness, located in a single building in a dedicated section of the station's gas facilities.

The equipment designed and supplied by Globaltechexport Ltd. will also have the advantage of its compact layout and the highest possible degree of localization, close to 100 percent – according to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 719, all core equipment will be manufactured in Russia at the production facilities of Globaltechexport Ltd. and the facilities of our partners, proven over the years. Such quotients became possible thanks to the meticulous work on import substitution, which was started by our company more than 3 years ago, back in the era of the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, as the disruption of supplies from abroad originally began at that time.

Scope and main specifications of the supplied equipment:

Gas Booster Station consisting of:

  • Gas Booster Station based on three centrifugal compressors driven by an electric motor;

  • Emergency oil discharge tank;

  • Gas condensate tank.

Nitrogen unit consisting of:

  • Nitrogen unit based on three air compressors, air filtration and drying units, nitrogen generators;

  • Nitrogen receivers with a volume of 4 m3 (2 ea.);

  • Air tanks with a volume of 4 m3 (2 ea.).

Gas Treatment Unit consisting of:

  • Gas cleaning unit/block, consisting of three identical mutually redundant lines (with a throughput capacity of 50%), based on filter-separators that combine primary and fine filters;

  • Commercial gas metering unit/block, consisting of two identical mutually redundant lines (with a throughput capacity of 100%), based on ultrasonic flowmeters;

  • Gas distribution station, consisting of three identical mutually redundant lines (with a throughput capacity of 50%) and one low flow rate gas pressure reduction line.

Cabinet-type equipment consisting of:

  • Power distribution panel (MDF/MCC) with ABP for the feed of GBS complex electrical consumers;

  • Transformer 6/0.4 kV;

  • Fire-protection devices panel 0.4 kV;

  • Local ACS of GBS and utility systems of the building on a single software and hardware complex.

Common GBS systems consisting of:

  • A building consisting of a generator hall, a nitrogen unit room, a heating unit room, a switchgear room, a ventilation chamber, a control room, and a cable compartment;

  • Service platforms with stairs;

  • Lifting mechanisms;

  • Necessary utility systems, including a power supply system for BOP needs with 400/230 V voltage supply.

Fire protection system consisting of:

  • Internal fire water pipeline system;

  • Automatic fire suppression system;

  • The fire-alarm system with emergency voice alarm communication system;

  • Facility intrusion detection system;

  • System for loud-speaking warning;

  • Gas hazard monitoring system;

  • Ventilation system, GBS building premises heating system, conditioning system;

  • Electric lighting system;

  • Safety earthing and functional earthing of information-processing equipment.

The sequence of equipment by technology and the purpose of the units:

  • Gas from the Customer's system is supplied to the Gas Treatment Unit, which consists of a gas cleaning unit and a commercial gas metering unit. At the outlet of the Gas Treatment Unit, the gas flow is divided into two streams – GBS and GDS;

  • Gas is being compressed at the GBS to the pressure required for its feeding to the GTU;

  • At the GDS the gas pressure is being reduced for its supply via two separate lines – to the hot water boilers and the steam boilers;

  • The Gas Treatment Unit is designed for gas treatment and its continuous supply to two gas turbine units and hot water/steam boilers of Khabarovsk TPP-4;

  • GBS is designed for the required pressure natural gas supply to the turbine fuel gas skid of Khabarovsk TPP-4;

  • GDS is designed for natural gas pressure reduction from 0.4…0.6 MPa (g) to 0.25 MPa (g) with subsequent gas supply to hot water and steam boilers.

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