GTE Racing Team results in the 2020 racing season


The 2020 racing season was short but very intense and eventful. The 2020 Championship of the SMP Russian Circuit Racing Series (RCRS) that began only in the second decade of July kept teams of various classes on their toes throughout all seven stages and abounded in behind-the-scenes games, mistakes, and spectacular accidents, which allowed the intrigue in all classes to remain until the final stage, held at Fort Grozny Circuit just three months after the start of the first race.

The GTE Racing Team, whose colors were represented by the main pilot Philipp Tuponosov and his young partner Vasily Vladykin, has made eye-opening improvements compared to the 2019 season.

In 2020, Philipp Tuponosov brought the GTE Racing Team its first wins in the team and individual classifications of the S1600 class after a great race in the Smolensk region and an additional podium in Kazan, gaining good speed and stability on most tracks and in most conditions. Philipp continued to earn points steadily throughout the season and could have added another podium to the team collection at the final stage, but unfortunately, with a lap and a half to go, Philipp's car let him down. Based on the results of the 2020 SMP RCRS Championship season, Philipp took a respectable 6th place in the S1600 class individual classification, with 138 points.

In his turn, Vasily Vladykin had his first season in S1600 class and his main goal was to make as few mistakes as possible and gain experience. Vasily had several strong races where he managed to keep a high pace and finish only one step away from the podium, thus earning significant points for the team classification. Based on the results of the 2020 SMP RCRS Championship season, Vasily took 8th place in the S1600 class individual classification, with 102 points.

The results and efforts of both pilots enabled GTE Racing Team to take the honorable final 3rd place in the S1600 class team classification of the 2020 SMP RCRS Championship, which was a direct confirmation of our racing team's progress.

The cherry on top of the outgoing season was the podium of the GTE Racing Team in the 4-hour 2020 AKHMAT RACE in the S1600 class, which the team won again thanks to the joint performance of Philipp and Vasily.

Globaltechexport Ltd. congratulates Philipp and Vasily on the worthy results of the outgoing racing season and wishes them and GTE Racing Team new successes and heights in 2021.

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