Globaltechexport Ltd. manufactured, supplied, and successfully commissioned a gas pressure reduction unit for use by Svobodnenskaya TPP


The gas pressure reduction unit provides comprehensive conditioning of natural gas (cleaning, metering, heating, pressure reduction) supplied by the Power of Siberia gas pipeline for Svobodnenskaya TPP, which generates electric power and steam (thermal energy) for Amur GPP.

The gas pressure reduction equipment is designed for the following parameters:

  • Design flow rate: up to 69,000 Nm3/h;

  • Inlet working pressure: up to 98 bar (g);

  • Outlet working pressure: 1.5 bar (g).


The gas pressure reduction unit includes:

  • Two-stage natural gas cleaning lines DN100 PN100 (three lines);
  • Ground insulated gas condensate tank, V = 10 m3;
  • Commercial natural gas metering lines DN100 PN100 based on ultrasonic flow transducer (three lines) + low flow rate gas line DN50 PN100 based on turbine flow meter;
  • Analyzer module based on on-stream explosion-proof gas chromatograph and water dew point analyzer;
  • Gas heating lines (coaxial heat exchangers) to power boilers DN100 PN100 (three lines);
  • Gas heating (coaxial heat exchangers and electric explosion-proof heaters) and gas pressure reduction lines to heating boiler house DN50 PN100 -> DN200 PN100 (two lines);
  • Gas pressure reduction lines to power boilers DN100 PN100 -> DN500 PN100 (three lines).

The main feature of this project is the application of high-tech high-pressure equipment (up to 100 bar (g)), as well as project implementation on a tight schedule amid a global pandemic, in harsh natural, climatic, and geographical gas pressure reduction unit construction conditions.

Amur Gas Processing Plant will be one of the major gas processing plants in the world and the largest in Russia, with the world's largest helium production of up to 60 million cubic meters per year.

Globaltechexport Ltd. takes pride in being a participant in such a large national and international project and is open to new challenging tasks.

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