Globaltechexport Ltd. is performing the maintenance works on the ACS equipment of the Elliot Ebara compressors for the Gazprom LNG Portovaya


Globaltechexport Ltd. has concluded a contract with Gazprom LNG Portovaya LLC (part of the Gazprom PJSC structure) for the performance of the maintenance works on the ACS equipment of the Elliot Ebara compressors for the Gazprom LNG Portovaya production, storage, and handling LNG complex.

The Gazprom LNG Portovaya complex, located in the Vyborgsky District of the Leningrad Region around 60 kilometers from the city of Vyborg, was put into operation last year September, and the first million tons of LNG was produced here this year in May. The design capacity of the complex is 1.5 million tons of LNG per year.

Maintenance works on the ACS equipment of the Elliott Group compressors were successfully performed by Globaltechexport Ltd. specialists in July 2023 during the annual scheduled equipment outage. Such a short outage is possible only once a year, and it provides the maintenance technicians with the unique opportunity to perform complex work in all possible technology paths that would not be possible during normal operation.

The successful timely completion of the task was preceded by an inspection of the equipment at the site and the pre-installed ACS manufactured by Tri-Sen Systems, as well as a detailed study of the source design documentation in English.

In addition to inspection of the equipment and systems’ overall condition, as well as replacement of the necessary components, Globaltechexport Ltd. specialists performed the work scope in the shortest possible time, including:

  • Inspection of the equipment condition and its operational conditions for compliance with the technical requirements of the manufacturer;

  • Software and hardware diagnostics, correction of errors;

  • PCS functional check in primary operation modes;

  • Application software adjustment according to the Customer’s comments;

  • Comprehensive testing of the system following its maintenance.

Also, during the maintenance, our specialists worked out the following Customer proposals on upgrading and optimizing the pre-installed ACS:

  • Storage time increase for repository data;

  • Addition of the ability for the additional process schedules generation;

  • Addition of the ability for the simulation of the process parameters list.

Therefore, alongside the performance of the scheduled works, the Customer’s operating personnel complaints, accumulated over the compressor equipment operation period, were eliminated.

Such results became possible not only due to the professionalism of Globaltechexport Ltd. specialists, but also due to our vast experience with various automation systems and high-performance compressors at all stages of their design, production, commissioning, put into operation, and maintenance.

The primary target of the successfully performed works was keeping the ACS equipment of the Elliot Ebara compressors in good working order without the participation of the equipment manufacturer, which, like many other manufacturers from the unfriendly countries, was forced to leave the Russian market due to the existing geopolitical situation, thereby breaking the chain of previously supplied equipment service support and maintenance.

Globaltechexport Ltd. continues cooperation with Gazprom LNG Portovaya LLC, and, in the next three years, our specialists will provide long-term engineering and technical support for equipment and software of the Elliot Ebara compressors’ ACS at intervals of several months.

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