Globaltechexport Ltd. becomes a major shareholder of Compex LLC and Microturbine Plant LLC


Globaltechexport Ltd. is expanding its manufacturing capabilities and becomes a major shareholder of Compex LLC and Microturbine Plant LLC.

In the fall of 2022, Globaltechexport Ltd. took another important step in expanding its capabilities in the manufacture and supply of power equipment to Customers in Russia and the CIS countries. This step became possible due to the acquisition of 50% of the stock in Compex LLC and Microturbine Plant LLC.

The manufacturing facility is located in the city of Tutaev, Yaroslavl Region, has an area of 5.76 ha and is comprised of a manufacturing building, cold storage warehouse, gas boiler house, and front security desk building. 

Manufacturing building: a three-storey building with a total area of 4,209 m2, including a shop floor of 2,175 m2 and a warm storage warehouse of 330 m2 for components parts.

Cold storage warehouse: a stand-alone building with an area of 846 m2 with three gates. 

Boiler house: 2 boilers, 900 kW each. 

The manufacturing site is equipped with:

  • Manual and semiautomatic welding machines; 

  • Metal-cutting machine tools (milling, lathe, drill, etc.), beading and bandsaw machines, pipe cutters;

  • Electrical measuring tools; 

  • Fitting and assembly tool sets, soldering stations, etc.;    

  • Laser-guided system for shaft alignment and flatness testing;

  • Testing equipment, and loading device.

The plants of Compex LLC and MTZ LLC will perform compressor and pump stations packaging and manufacture gas treatment and gas distribution units, supplementing the existing capacities of Globaltechexport Ltd. on the basis of the manufacturing complex of NPP Compressor, which are mainly equipped with a large machine-tool fleet for compressor unit manufacture – now further packaging of such units will be performed in Tutaev.

The new period and status in cooperation between Globaltechexport Ltd., Compex, and MTZ plants will enable Globaltechexport Ltd. to significantly increase its portfolio of orders for modern Russian power equipment and will provide an opportunity for full and comprehensive cooperation in engineering and manufacture among the companies at the time of great demand and stringent requirements set by Сustomers in terms of imports phase-out and tight schedules.

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