Globaltechexport Ltd. develops, manufactures, and supplies a containerized gas booster station for the fuel gas conditioning unit


Globaltechexport Ltd. is developing, manufacturing, and supplying a containerized gas booster station for the fuel gas conditioning unit of Tomskneft JSC VNK (Rosneft Oil Company PJSC) at the site of the oil treatment facility in Pionerny Settlement, Katylginskoye Field, Kargasoksky District, Tomsk Region.

The containerized gas booster station consists of a process compartment, MCC and ACS compartment, and a 6 kV SWG compartment.

The process compartment is structurally divided into 2 parts joined together at the operation site, and the upper frame assembly. One lower part houses a screw oil-lubricated compressor unit consisting of two screw compressors, an electric motor, and an oil system. These are compressors with a separate lubrication system manufactured by Penzkompressormash. The second lower part houses separators and a refrigerating unit required by the process for compositional changes. The discharged cooled gas is used, among other things, for additional gas cooling at the compressor discharge. Immediately downstream of the compressor unit, the gas is first cooled in the heat exchanger with an aqueous solution of ethylene glycol. The ethylene glycol solution itself is cooled in the air cooler, and then in the recuperative heat exchanger. This configuration improves the efficiency of liquid phase separation from the gas mixture in the separator and reduces the refrigeration unit cooling capacity requirements. The upper section of the process compartment is necessary to provide the required height to enable overhead crane passage.

The lower sections of the process compartment, the 6 kV SWG compartment, the MCC and ACS compartment have already been installed, and the upper part of the process compartment is being assembled.

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