Logistics Services

Cargo security is our priority. Drawing on our vast experience in delivering industrial equipment for the oil & gas and power sectors, we are able to ensure that your cargo is transported safely.

Our team of professionals has an excellent knowledge of transportation drawings and slinging arrangements and is competent in the packaging of equipment to protect expensive cargo against mechanical damage and adverse weather conditions.

We provide a full range of services to transport your industrial equipment, including:

  • Development of supply chain engineering scheme;
  • Development and approval of the transportation project (special project) and method statement;
  • Special permits for transportation of oversized and heavy cargo;
  • All necessary permits and approvals from overhead wire network operators, road infrastructure owners, and the Traffic Police;
  • Arrangement of customs clearance for the cargoes;
  • Obtaining of the permitting documents, necessary for the import and operation of the equipment;
  • Supervision of oversized and heavy cargo loading/un-loading works (including works involving cranes, hydraulic lifting systems, etc.);
  • Escorting and monitoring of cargo location;
  • Cargo insurance covering all risks by a Class A insurer;
  • Safe custody of cargo.

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