Air Separation Units

completed projects
Suzhou Oxygen Plant
implementation of cryogenic air separation

Air separation is the main industrial method for the production of such industrial gases as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and in some rare gases (krypton, xenon, and neon), which are widely used in various industries and areas of human activities.

As of today, the air separation methods listed below are used and provide for usage of the corresponding industrial units:

  • Cryogenic;

  • Membrane;

  • Adsorption.

Globaltechexport Ltd. offers air separation units of all the mentioned types in a wide range of capacities.

Offered air separation units are characterized by high indicators of efficiency, reliability, automation, and simplicity of operation. Each unit is adapted to the production and geographical conditions of a particular Customer and a particular production facility.

Air separation units are delivered fully completed, the scope of delivery usually includes compressors, cooling towers, tanks and vessels, cryogenic tanks, and gas distribution equipment. The Customer is provided with the design, assembly, erection supervision, commissioning, personnel training, and maintenance services.

Implemented projects for major enterprises:
Suzhou Oxygen Plant Linde Gas

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