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Globaltechexport Ltd. offers high-end solutions for heat supply to industrial, agricultural, manufacturing companies and housing and utility sector facilities throughout Russia, including:

  • Design, construction, installation, and commissioning supervision of hot water and steam boilers operating on gas and liquid fuel;
  • Obtaining permits and approvals from supervisory bodies, registration with Rostekhnadzor, and commissioning;
  • Retrofitting of existing facilities;
  • Manufacture and installation of modular steam and hot water boilers;
  • Development of innovative projects based on energy-saving technologies;
  • Supply of Russian-made and foreign-made boiler equipment and burners;
  • Development of technical concepts and feasibility study;
  • Provision of assistance to Customers in Technical Assignment development.

Advantages of modular boiler houses (MBH):

  • Packaged modules are assembled at the support base;

  • The shortest manufacturing period;

  • A certified modular boiler house eliminates the need for an expert appraisal of design solutions by regulatory authorities, which reduces the cost of design work;

  • Fast transportation and installation of prefabricated modules at the site;

  • Cost saving by elimination of costs associated with capital building construction;

  • Full automation enables unmanned operation, which reduces operating costs;

  • Optimized MBH equipment layout saves space at the Customer's site;

  • Cascade control systems and high efficiency maximize energy efficiency.

Modular boiler houses (MBH) are a reliable and state-of-the-art heat supply solution. Such boiler houses are comprised of several modules delivered to the installation site by road. If MBH dimensions and weight make its delivery to the site in a single container difficult, MBH is made of several prefabricated ready-to-use modules, which are installed directly on the site. Upon installation, MBH is ready for connection to external networks. This guarantees project implementation within the shortest possible period. According to their purpose, MBH fall into water-heating, steam, and combined boiler houses. The first group is used for heat and hot water supply to residential and administrative buildings, industrial and commercial facilities. The second group supplies heat and steam for processes at industrial and manufacturing enterprises. Combined MBHs are also used for processes where hot water and steam boilers work together.

Implemented projects for major enterprises:
Yakutskaya GRES-2

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