Integrated Water Treatment Systems

completed projects
Svobodnenskaya TPP
supply of sewage treatment plants

Globaltechexport Ltd. offers a full range of solutions for the design, reconstruction, and new construction of water infrastructure facilities for the offsite facilities of large industrial enterprises and housing and utility sector facilities.

Water treatment:

  • Water clarification by settling;

  • Ion exchange technologies;

  • Reagent water treatment;

  • Filtration and ultrafiltration;

  • Reverse osmosis technology;

  • Nanofiltration;

  • Electrodeionization technology.

Wastewater treatment:

  • Wastewater treatment for reuse;

  • Treatment of domestic wastewater;

  • Treatment of storm and meltwater;

  • Industrial wastewater treatment.

Water-recycling systems

Implemented projects for major enterprises:
Yakutskaya GRES-2 Svobodnenskaya TPP EVRAZ

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