Integrated natural gas treatment systems

completed projects
Mayakovskaya TPP Talakhovskaya TPP
supply of units to major power facilities

The main profile of Globaltechexport Ltd. is the manufacture and delivery of pre-fabricated assemblies and packaged turnkey units for the treatment and transportation of natural gas.

Pre-fabricated assembly is a complete skid-mounted process line with equipment installed and set-up for the fulfillment of the assigned task (namely from inlet valves to outlet valves) including necessary process lines (blow-off/discharge pipelines, and compressed gas delivery points with all necessary valves).

Main types of prefabricated blocks:

  • Natural gas purification units (primary rough purification – separators, filter separators), fine purification (cartridge filters, coalescing filters);

  • Gas heating stations (based on the plate and tubular heat exchangers);

  • Technological and commercial gas metering units (based on turbine, vortex, and ultra-sonic flowmeters);

  • Natural gas purge lines (based on gas pressure regulators of direct and pilot types).

Globaltechexport Ltd. also performs the design, manufacture, and supply of packaged natural gas treatment systems for power generation facilities, such as:

  • Gas treatment units;

  • Gas distribution plants;

  • Automatic gas distribution stations;

  • Shut-off valve blocks;

  • Gas cleaning and metering units.

Implemented projects for major enterprises:
Mayakovskaya TPP Svobodnenskaya TPP Talakhovskaya TPP Yakutskaya GRES-2 Verkhnetagilskaya GRES

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