The management of Globaltechexport Ltd. is a Trustee of the Academy of Life Charitable Foundation
The management of Globaltechexport Ltd., represented by Philip Tuponosov, Director General and Founder, is involved in charitable activities and is a Trustee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Academy of Life Charitable Foundation.

To date, the Academy of Life Charitable Foundation for Children has been providing comprehensive support to Anita Center orphanage for several years. Our foundation is implementing an adaptation program, pays for the regular monthly needs of the orphanage, and participates in the life of each child, providing assistance based on individual needs.

Today, 20 children aged from 3 to 16 years old live in Anita Center orphanage. Each child has their own story that led them to the orphanage, personal traumas, and needs. But the most important thing is that each of these children has the right and a chance for a full-fledged future after they leave the orphanage and begin adulthood.
Globaltechexport Ltd. is the title sponsor of the GTE Racing Team
GTE Racing Team actively and competitively participates in various competitions held in Russia and the CIS countries, including championships in touring car racing and sports karting.
GTE Racing Team competes in the following championships, series, and motorsports:
The management of Globaltechexport Ltd. is among the Founders of the Illuminati Media Group

Illuminati Media Group is a Russian media holding founded in 2020. IMG is engaged in the production, distribution, promotion, and monetization of content in the field of media and entertainment.

IMG is about innovation, deep vision, and true creativity. We create unique and modern solutions, bringing to life the most extraordinary, progressive, and challenging ideas of our Partners and Сustomers.

A large creative team includes dozens of professionals around the world and works in the following areas:
We support an active and healthy lifestyle, taking part in the development of sporting activities

The management of Globaltechexport Ltd. is among the Founders of WMA (World Martial Arts) Сlub. The basis for World Martial Arts is years of experience of dedicated people for whom martial arts practicing is a philosophy.

Martial arts mean physical perfection and a way of thinking. Martial arts are about good health and the ability to stand up for yourself and your loved ones.

WMA Club offers training and classes for all ages.